As an educational institution in Akola, Agra, SG Public School strives to provide students with the best possible opportunities to become independent, thinking, sensitive, and confident young people who are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Education that emphasizes inclusiveness is aimed at strengthening the economically and socially weak sections of society

With our caring, inclusive ethos, we aim to make our students feel that they can achieve their best and become the best they can be.

Students at our school feel happy and belong, which is critical to their success. Intimate, friendly and attuned to each student’s particular educational needs, the school environment is intimate and friendly.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere where one can feel safe, secure, spontaneous, and happy.

There is a right to be safe in school, to be treated with compassion, and to be listened to by others as well as to be heard by others.

In our province, we have created a safe and happy learning environment by implementing a number of good practices.

The SG Public School, Akola, Agra aims to provide holistic development for students by instilling habits of discipline, study, self-reliance, and moral values that will make them worthy citizens.

Students with diverse needs are catered to by qualified and committed staff members. The dedication and sincerity by which they work every day is commendable. The regular training and updating they undergo in and out the school premises make them sharper in their vision in dealing with the students.